Ceramics at Play


"Quan says this type of workflow encourages her subconscious mind to take control and create combinations out of the accustomed language in which she has become fluent. Manifesting serendipity is what I call it. By mentally removing constraints, Quan is able to create work that simply yearns to exist in its current state, and asks nothing more. The work continues to resonant with itself even when it finds a new home, leaves the studio, or is on display in a shop or gallery. 

Working this way also allows Quan’s pieces to take on a special life of their own, much different from other ceramic processes I have encountered. Through experimentation and a process driven practice, she has found a way for her vision to come through the pieces of clay that have been formed. "


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Find more of Liz's work on her website or her Instagram feed.

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Stumpf