Podcast: Richard Hearns

Artist Richard Hearns.JPG

Episode 003 of our podcast brings us to the coastal city of Dublin on the East coast of Ireland to visit painter Richard Hearns.

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Unedited interview can be found here.

Drew sat down with Richard during his open studios via Facetime and was able to dive a little bit into Richard’s relationship with his wife Boo, his videographer Eoin Collins, as well as discuss how place, illness, and personal growth have affected his current abstract work.

Richard with his wife Boo

Richard with his wife Boo

A large part of this episode is speaking about Richard’s documentation which he creates with the help of Eoin Collins, which can be seen below or more extensively through his website.

Released during the time of Hearn’s solo exhibition Journey at Cadogan Contemporary in London, we spoke about the release of the catalog as well.

More information about the exhibition can be seen here.

Though only touched on, Richard’s still life work is absolutely impeccable. Spend some time with his still life paintings here.

Richard Hearns in his Dublin Studio.JPG

Follow along with Richard’s work via his Instagram profile or by visiting his website.

Richard Hearns in his Dublin Studio 002.JPG

Special thanks to Richard Hearns and his wife Boo for allowing us to interview him and providing images and videos for this post.

Thanks for Daniel Birch for providing the music for this podcast.